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The West Oakland Commerce Association (WOCA) is the oldest business development and advocacy organization in West Oakland founded and incorporated in 1990. The West Oakland Commerce Association, works to promote the overall health and vitality of West Oakland and the surrounding area through promotion of business and the free enterprise system. 

WOCA's Program of Work is divided into five major areas: Business Growth, Representing the Interests of Business Before Government, Community Leadership and Promotion, Member Benefits and Services, and Organizational Administration and Efficiency. WOCA offers a variety of programs, events, and other functions all designed with one purpose in mind: to build a stronger and healthier community through business and economic growth.

Does you or your company have?

Time to Spare ?      Money to Burn?       Know which way the wind is blowing?

If this description fits you and your company, you don’t need us

But if are like the rest of us you, don’t know what the latest decision is of the planning commission or city council, that effects your zoning or the fees and licenses that you are charged.

You don’t know which initiative is going to effect the way you do business, your employees and your bottom line or even if you can remain and grow your business at your location.

Without information that is timely and accurate how are you going to make the daily decision to keep your business competitive and strong.

Who is going to testify before those Councils and Commissions for you and your business?

We do.......

Do you have time, up to 2 hours every day, to review current news to screen for what affects you in West Oakland and Oakland?

We do.......

Do you have time and money to review bay area publications to screen for what effects you in West Oakland and Oakland and report back to you

We do.......

Do you review every agenda of the City Councils of Oakland and Emeryville

We do.......

Do you review every agenda for the Port of Oakland and the Oakland Planning Commission

We do.......

The most effective use of your time and money 

is to become a member of WOCA and let us do it for you.

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