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Who We Are

Our Mission

As a non –profit, 501 (c) (6), volunteer organization to develop, attract and retain business in West Oakland

Program of Work

WOCA is dedicated to ensuring that west Oakland is a safe, secure and attractive place to live, work and do business.  We take a leadership position in planning for economic development and intelligent growth, and serve as an ombudsman and a facilitator to the City in cooperation with other local organizations, residents and agencies.

WOCA acts to create an environment in which business is understood, welcomed and supported in West Oakland by working with residents, other associations, City officials and county, state and federal agencies regarding the fundamental relationship between the quality of life and economic vitality.

 We serve as an essential resource for businesses wishing to locate in West Oakland by providing personalized information, advice and follow-up to ease the process of locating a business in West Oakland.

Your membership and support allows us to continue to promote, protect and advance the goals of the West Oakland business community.  Without you and the other supporting businesses and individuals, we could not fulfill our mission statement below.

Section 2.02. The mission of this association is to gather information about important issues, determine priorities and inform its members on such issues; to represent the members' interests in the community; to strive to make West Oakland an attractive place to live, work and do business; to provide leadership for economic development; to inform others about the fundamental relation between economic vitality and the quality of life; to use business skills to find long term solutions to local problems; to encourage local employment; and to encourage its members to do business with others in West Oakland.

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