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Accomplishments of WOCA 1990 to Present Time

Stopped the Cypress Replacement Freeway from being replaced at grade, and tripled in width, where the current Mandela Parkway is today. This would have caused massive condemnation of business buildings and property.

Chaired for 5 years the State and Local Coalition for the Replacement of the Cypress Freeway Replacement, which included the Federal Highway Administration, State of California, County of Alameda, City of Oakland and local residents and businesses.

Pushed the replacement freeway out away from West Oakland, but kept the on and off ramps including Market Street

Kept the 4 traffic lanes on Mandela Parkway from becoming 2 and stopped the excess roadway and median from being sold off for housing

Obtained a plan for landscaping of the median and obtained $15 million to complete work

Stopped Mandela Parkway from being cul-de-saced to the North and getting a $6 million extension to the Emeryville border

Obtained the extension of Mandela Parkway to the South to 3rd street

Saved the Market Street off ramp which was to be demolished

Assisted in marketing over 2.5 million square feet of vacant industrial property

Secured an order from the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) for the relocation of 30+ acres of trucking from West Oakland to the Oakland Army Base area 

Participated in the General Plan and Zoning updates for the last 18 years. Preserved West Oakland "business land". Drafted the 'CIX-1" zone, which allows the maximum number of commercial and industrial uses in Oakland. 

Stopped the City's attempt of using Amortization.  Amortization is the "taking" of land and / or businesses without payment.

Board member of Oakland Commerce Corporation (non profit business retention support) for 15 years

Board representation on the West Oakland Project Area Committee for the last seven years, first 3 years a WOCA chaired the committee

Reduced the Eminent Domain area in the Redevelopment Plan to 1 acre. Advocated against the use of Eminent Domain now and in the future

Continue to advocate for business retention support from the City of Oakland

Created the BusinessAlert partnership with the City of Oakland, CEDA to eliminate public dumping, repair and clean railroad(s) right of way, clean and secure Caltrans properties and other public and private properties (elimination of blight) and to address all local safety and security concerns

The Peralta Biz Committee of WOCA, spearheaded efforts for the multi million dollar renovation of Ramondi Park and tree planting throughout West Oakland

Continue to advocate for positive transportation initiatives, that will benefit West Oakland

West Oakland’s Future  -   High Potential for Positive future change

Where does all this activity lead us?  We wish we had a crystal ball, but we don’t.  Some educated guesses, but no assurances.  

Fundamental to any repositioning and improvement of an area is a review of the  underlying infrastructure, physical assets, and of streets and zoning, which is occurring now and has significant implications.  

This is truly a time of change, challenge and opportunity and we are here for you, since 1990.

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